Staff Directory

Name Email Address Phone Number Position
Buckley, Jeanne 215-572-4019 Associate Dean, Library Services and Instructional Technology
Melissa Correll 215-572-8528 Information Literacy & Instruction Librarian
Gordon, Larissa 215-572-2136 Information Literacy Coordinator
Hess, Adam 215-572-2842 Collection Management & Digital Resources Librarian
Reale, Michelle 215-572-2139 Access Services Manager & Outreach Librarian
Slott, Jay 215-572-2141 Interlibrary Loan Coordinator
Walcroft, Justin 215-572-2137 Acquisitions and Serials Assistant
Wang, Calvin 215-572-4097 Sciences Librarian & Copyright Consultant

Landman Library:
phone: 215-572-2975
fax: 215-572-0240

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